Best Spark Plugs For Horsepower & Gas Mileage In 2019 – [Reviews]

Most of the time while performing regular auto maintenance people only consider checking engine oil, brakes oil, tire pressure and head lights etc but no one think of the most important thing spark plug without which a car wont even start.

Checking it out on regular basis is as important as checking water or oil in your engine to keep in good condition.

If spark plug is not taken care off it may result in more oil consumption, backfires and most probably bunny hops.

Similarly spark plug is responsible for the combustion of engine to start if you are running faulty spark plug your vehicle will not start but if start you will face many problems in acceleration.

So in order to keep the car in its best condition you should get the best spark plug available in the market

To give you and idea of selecting the best spark plug for your car i have written this ultimate guide for you so lets check it out .

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Our Best Pick

Autolite APP104 Double Platinum Spark Plug ​

Why Its Better ? 

>>  7 years guarantee

>>  Quite affordable 

>>  Optimized engine performance

>>  Durable and advanced

ACDelco 41-101 Professional Iridium Spark Plug

AcDelco is one of the famous manufacturer of auto parts known for its quality. It’s AcDelco 41-101 Professional Iridium spark plug provides better performance and engine stability.Because of its Iridium core this spark plug lasts longer and has a natural heat resistance.

Additionally they have some built in insulating properties that prevents it from affecting the other electronic part around it. By using iridium electrodes that are designed in such an efficient way enables easy cold starting and better acceleration as compared to other plugs available in the market.


Its one piece suppressor seal blocks radio frequencies which affects vehicles.

Moreover as they uses latest technology and have high melting point carbon deposits are burnt away automatically improving fuel ignition system and engine performance. As iridium is little bit expensive but still it provides more durability and better fuel economy making it a better replacement for the original parts.


>>  Improved cold start

>>  More durable

>>  Efficient fuel ignition

>>  Efficient performance

>>  Fast acceleration


>>  Expensive


As compared to other companies that we have reviewed in our articles denso is not that much popular but that doesnt mean its products are not of good quality, it manufactures very good auto replacements parts.

Denso Sk20r11 Iridium Spark Plug provides best performance and has very long life because of the iridium and platinum ground electrode used in it.

As compared to other spark plugs this one provides more acceleration and torque.
Before buying this spark plug do confirm it from amazon and make sure it is compatible with your model of car.


>>  Excellent acceleration

>>  Improved performance

>>  Stable combustion during idling

>>  Lasts longer

>>  Highly reliability

>> Features iridium with high melting point


>>  Not compatible with some cars

Denso (4504) PK20TT Platinum Spark Plug

As i have mentioned earlier before denso isn’t a very popular company but when it comes spark plugs they consider themselves payoneer of this industry.

Whenever i go to market to change my spark plug, denso is my go to brand if its not available than i check out for other brands.

Denso PK20TT is one of the best platinum spark plug available consisting of a twin tip technology to provide complete combustion and improved fuel economy.

Moreover its alumina powder insulator provides thermal conductivity and more strength, the 11mm platinum center electrode and 11mm titanium ground electrode makes it more efficient.

If we compare it to other platinum spark plugs this one is more powerful and durable.
Denso (4504) PK20TT Platinum Spark Plug starts much faster than other plugs and can easily bear extreme level stress . Because of its alumina powder its more resistant to erosion and corrosion making it more durable.

Similarly the titanium infused electrodes helps to reduce erosion enabling plug to produce large spark after a long drive.


>>  Enables fast start

>>  Easily bears extreme stress

>>  Not too expensive

>>  Erosion and corrosion resistant


>>  Compatibility issues with some car engines

NGK 5464 BKR5EIX-11 Iridium Spark Plug

NKGK5464 BKR5EIX-11 is among the best spark plugs available in market with very efficient performance specifically made for powerful engines.

This spark plug comes with a 0.6mm laser welded fine Iridium tip that makes it more durable, provides stable spark and ensures to bring the most out of your vehicle.

Having a longer insulator nose and tapered ground electrode makes the chances of fouling and quenching effect very less. Additionally, with its triple gasket seal, you don’t have to worry about combustion gas leakage and can only concentrate on driving.


>>  Highly durable

>>  Anti-corrosion

>>  Anti-seizing

>>  Reduce gas combustion leakage


>>  Price is high

Bosch 6702 Platinum Spark Plug

Bosch a brand which is known for its innovative and high performance products. Its products are trusted by many manufacturers around the globe.

Bosch 6702 Platiunum spark plug contains platinum firing pin and yttirium electrode making it more durable with efficient performance.

As compared to other standard plugs which are not that much costly this one is much better among all of them.

Moreover it comes with OE fine wire platinum design that ensures maximum ignitability and function.Additionally Bosch 6702 Platinum Spark Plug comes with four year warranty and is very easy to install.

If you are about to choose a spark plug that is cheap and can provide best perfomance than Bosch 6702 should be your go to choice.


>>  Pre-gapped

>>  More durable

>>  Fine wire platinum design

>>  4-year guarantee


>>  Need of professional for installation

NGK 3403 G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug

NGK 3403 has fire wire platinum tipped center electrode which helps in reducing the voltage to ensure fast start and enhance durability.

Moreover with its triple seal quality it stops gas leakage and saves vehicle from misfires.
Because of the best quality material used in it increases operating performance and enhances engine power.

NGK 3403 G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug

Unlike other traditional spark plugs NGK 3403 consists of copper core, alumina silicate, metal plating and trapezoid electrode to ensure high performance making it a best choice for professional race teams and automotive lovers across the globe.


>>  Enhanced fuel economy

>>  Anti-corrosion and anti-seizing 

>>  More strength

>>  Reduces chances of gas leakage


>>  Expensive

Autolite APP104 Double Platinum Spark Plug

Autolite APP104 Double Platinum Spark Plug has improved engine performance and is more durable as compared to other spark plugs. 

It consists of platinum to platinum firing which reduces chances of erosion enabling quick start and produce more acceleration and torque.  

Because of its necked down center electrode and center wire platinum firing tip it performs efficiently and is more durable. 

Having nickel alloy side electrodes and full copper electrodes enables it to perform good in any sort of situation and maintains good gape. In order to have good ignition it is equipped with platinum sidewire technology which makes is a good choice for DIS engines. 

Moreover its comes with a 7year guarantee so feel free to buy as it have the maximum period guarantee among all products i have reviewed, you must try this one its one of the top rated spark plugs available in the market.


>>  7 years guarantee

>>  Quite affordable 

>>  Optimized engine performance

>>  Durable and advanced


>>  Some times have issue with gap

NGK (4548) CR9EK Standard Spark Plug

NGK (4548) spark plug is among the best performers in the market. It is made up of good materials including copper core which provides much better spark and conductivity.

Additionally with efficient performance this plugs is inexpensive as well. Having a longer insulator nose prevents fouling and corrosion.


As compared to other spark plugs available in its price range this one provides more consistent spark because of its dual ground electrodes.

With its corrugated ribs it helps to avoid flashover and because of its triple gasket seal there are very less chances of combustion gas leakage.

Champion RE14MCC4 Copper Plus Replacement Spark Plug

Champion RE14MCC4 is one of my go to products when am searching for good performance and value for money while buying automotive replacement parts.

It has a copper core center electrode which ensures control over the heat range and durability. Moreover because of it patented ultra seal coated shell it has maximum resistance to corrosion and material used in it are ISO and SAE approved..

Additionally it offers EMI and RFI suppression and platinum pad ground electrode which enables spark plug reach the maximum temperature quickly to deliver best performance and maintain stable operation of engine.

Just like other spark plugs that we have review this one comes pre gapped as well saving most your time but still you should check if it suits your needs or not because its may not be accurate for some vehicles.


>>  More Corrosion resistant

>>  Durable

>>  Efficient


>>  Little bit expensive

Best Spark Plugs Buyer's Guide

A spark plug has functions that will assist the efficient running of your car’s engine. It’s main purpose is to seal the combustion chamber. It normally conducts a spark which is usually generated in the ignition coil to the combustion chamber which then provides a gap for the spark to jump across.

 After which the the heat picked up in the combustion process is conducted to the cylinder head then into the engine’s cooling system. It is after the three step process that combustion process can be started. The main aim of having the best spark plugs is to ensure that all the above requirements are met to ensure durability and the best engine performance.


A spark plug is comprised three significant components which are the insulator, shell and electrodes. It based on the three components that one can find the best spark plugs.

The Insulator

It usually serves two purposes in which the first one is to insulate secondary ignition voltage which can be grounded from anywhere apart from the gap across the combustion chamber. Then the second function is to pick up the heat from the combustion process to the cooling system. 

The most important thing in finding the best spark plugs is to ensure that it is able to contain highest voltages that is presently used in the ignition systems and still thrive in the harsh combustion chamber. At the same time it should have ribs at the top of the insulator to keep the spark traveling to the center of the spark plug besides the ground and along the outside. Spark plugs lacking the ribs end up in causing an intermittent misfire reducing your engines performance.

The shell

This is a threaded metal hex used in sealing the combustion chamber and then provide a way to remove the spark plug and install it. Most of the spark plugs come in two kinds of seats to seal your combustion chamber which are the gasket type – which matches with the machine heads that are flat surfaced and the taper type which is meant for the angled seats in the cylinder head.

 Despite most models are only customized to use one of them the General motor have designed models that can accommodate both. The best spark plugs must be coated with the right coating to minimize seizure and corrosion.

The Electrodes 

This product is designed to ensure conduction of a spark from the spark plug wire to the combustion chamber in order to provide a gap. The best spark plugs uses metals that enable the spark plug durablility without compromising the engines performance. 

In addition, they should be able use components that will reduce the electrode tip temperature to reduce chemical and electrical corrosion. The most beneficial metals for the best spark plugs are made of platinum and gold palladium.

In other words, the best spark plugs are dependent on the materials used to control the conduction of sparks in the combustion chambers as well as the level of insulation and the components used in making the shells of the spark plugs. In order to find the best spark plugs  investigate if they have some of the features that will harness your engine’s performance.

What to look for when selecting a Spark Plug ?

Anyone who owns a vehicle knows how important is to have a good quality spark plug when it comes to smooth running of a vehicle. With the passage of time spark plugs have changed and quality have improved a lot.

Materials used in spark plugs are much better and stronger.It’s good to know each and everything about spark plugs as they are pretty much identical to each other so let’s dive into the details. 

Types Of Spark Plugs 

Before buying any spark plug we should know first which one is best according to our needs. Whether to buy an ordinary spark plug or high performance spark plug which provides more acceleration.
Moreover they can be pretty different from each other depending on the quality of materials used in them or how they are designed. Lets checkout the different categories of spark plugs.

Copper Core Spark Plugs 

Copper spark plugs are among the cheapest spark plugs available in the market. They do provide but good performance but upto very limited time like twenty thousand to 40 thousand miles.
Unlike other materials spark plugs they don’t have strong resistance to corrosion and are not much durable.

Iridium Spark Plugs 

Iridium spark plugs when compared to copper spark plugs are much better and durable, can easily lasts for forty thousand to sixty thousand miles.
Iridium being a less conductive material can easily be operated at a lower temperature. If we compare iridum spark plugs to copper one they are good but not the best one.

Platinum Spark Plugs

Platinum spark plugs are more efficient and last longer because of platinum can operate at a much lower temperature which helps in avoiding overheating as well.
Because of it property of operating at lower temperature it can last twice as compared to ordinary spark plugs. It’s worth investing money, you would get more out of it before replacing it with a new one.

Double Platinum Spark Plugs

Double platinum spark plugs as its name suggests they are much better version of the single platinum spark plugs.
They provide improved performance and much durable among all the spark plugs available in the market.


Q) Can horsepower be increased with spark plugs?

A) There are many myths about this thing but in reality it doesn’t have that much influence on the horse but can increase performance in many other ways. 

Q) Which spark plug is good Iridium, Platinum or copper spark plug ?

A) Copper being more conductive can provide best performance but is not durable like platinum or iridium. 

Q) When to change spark plugs?

 A) You should change your spark plug when acceleration is slow. 
When your vehicle starts to consume more fuel. 
When you face difficulty in starting your engine. 

Q) Are expensive spark plugs better than cheaper one ?

 A) Yes they are because in expensive spark plugs mostly platinum or iridium is used to provide better performance.
Q) After how much time should i replace spark plug ?
A) Depends on the quality of spark plug your are using but i will always recommend to change after 50000 miles. 
Q) Can i change spark plug myself ?
A) Yes its not that much difficult you can easily do it by just watching a video on youtube and copy it and easily save about a hundred bucks.